Buying property Costa Blanca

Quality of life! And that is not the only reason that speaks for a real estate in Spain. In fact it is getting to one of the most popular capital investments. 300 days of sunshine per year, the evergreen flora or long sandy beaches are just a few reasons that speak FOR a property on the Costa Blanca. The excellent micro and health climate, as well as imposing mountain worlds, illustrate, besides a wide offer on cultural, sports and leisure facilities, to make this wonderful part of the world your home. So why not enjoy the next holiday in your own home?

Views of the beautiful Costa Blanca

The economic crisis did not stop in front of Spain, wherefore prices fell for real estates. A positive impact in this case had the thoroughgoing reforms which enable the country to make it out of the crisis. Of course this also has a positive effect on property prices. After a low point in 2013, the tendency increased during the year 2015. So this is a perfect time for a real estate purchase, as the still low prices are in course of time accompanied by an enormous increase in value.

Homebuyers from all over the world are already taking advantage of those opportunities. International presence also prevents the risk of a new economic crisis, which almost excludes new price reductions.

Views of the beautiful Costa Blanca

Tourism is booming as ever. With increasing preference for private tourism respectively in the own holiday home. The current starting position on real estate acquisition on the Costa Blanca is ideal. The prices have already reached their lowest point and the international demand is increasing steadily. The potential for an increase in real estate value is therefore guaranteed.