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To sell a property is a matter of trust. Therefore, it is important to be guided by an experienced and competent real estate agency that gives you optimal support in each stage, in order to achieve the best possible results for you and find the right buyer. Professionalism, discretion, expertise are basic requirements of supreme importance at Starck Estates. Our real estate selection convinces in quality, style and class and offers an excellent value for money. Each property is unique and enjoys our fullest respect.

Selling property the easy way

Our service includes for the seller:

  • Examination of all documents & survey
  • Valuation of your property
  • Creation of photos, advertising write-up and Expose
  • International, multimedia and target group marketing
  • Viewing coordinations
  • Viewings with costumer protection
  • Secure sales negotiations
  • Support in legal and tax advice
  • Support with the issue of an energy certificate

Sellers have to come up for the fees of the real estate agency according to the Spanish Law. By completion at the Notary therefore the following fees apply:

  • Exclusive contract: 4% + VAT on the final sales price.
    The contract has a minimum duration of 6 months and is automatically renewed or may subsequently be terminated at any time in writing.
  • Multiple agency contract: 5% + VAT on the final sales price.
    This contract will run for an unlimited period until the property is sold by our company or a third party.

Other expenses incurred in the sale of a property:

  • Plusvalia:
    Is a local tax based on the increase of the value of the land from the date the owner acquired the property to the time of the present sale. The local authorities calculate the amount of plusvalía according to the ratable value of the property and the number of years it has been in the ownership of the vendor.
  • Withholding tax for ron-residents:
    Spanish law states that when the vendor is a non resident, the buyer is obliged to withhold and pay into the Spanish tax authorities 3 % of the agreed purchase price. This withholding is understood as a payment on account by the vendor of the possible capital gains tax liability deriving from the operation. The 3% of the price must be paid to the authorities within one month of the date of the transfer of the property. Reimbursement will be made only if the seller has met in the last four years prior to the sale of the property its current tax obligations and if there is no profit on the sale of the property.
  • Capital gains tax:
    The capital gain from the sale of a real estate in Spain is subject to Spanish income tax (profit tax).
    Feel free to contact our professional and proficient tax and financial advice who will help you to calculate the amount of tax to be paid and see what possibilities of tax reductions you have.