4 typical dishes of Denia that you should try

4 typische Speisen aus Denia, die Sie probieren sollten

Fall in love with Denia through its gastronomy.

Denia’s gastronomy is undeniably outstanding. So, if you want to go on vacation or stay in a beautiful city, you are in luck. All in all, there are many compelling reasons why Denia was declared a Creative Gastronomic City by UNESCO.

Predictably, rice and fresh fish stand out in the local cuisine, and one of the most famous dishes is “Arròs a Banda”. But far beyond this rich rice plate, a whole world full of delights awaits you in Denia. Without a doubt, we will also whet your appetite for tasting the 4 traditional dishes of Denia. You don´t believe it? There are 4 typical dishes of Denia that you definitely must try!

The Espencat

Delicious comes too short. Far too short. The famous Espencat is one of the most typical dishes of the whole district of Valencia, especially in Denia. The dish, a kind of tasty “cold salad”, consists of previously baked red pepper strips, eggplant, cod and a good shot of the best olive oil. In many restaurants, it is common to add pine nuts, boiled egg or even olives. A tapa of Espencat is a must while staying in Denia, we can assure you.


If you love stews, this is your ideal dish, and if not, we promise that it will be! The Llandeta is a typical white fish and rice stew from Denia (Alicante), which is also accompanied by potatoes.

The main ingredients are the combination of fresh white fish, such as whiting, bream, monkfish or conger. Why is it called Llandeta? Because in the past the dish was cooked in a typical metal tray called “llanda”, which literally means “can”. Today it is also prepared in a casserole, and it is simply sensational. It is without a doubt in the top of the best typical dishes of Denia that you must try.

Varied Cocas

Denia is for sure the kingdom of cocas, just finger licking good. Another typical dish from Denia that you just have to taste is its famous coca, or cocas, as there is a wide variety of them. The fact is that it is difficult to choose only one. Among the best known is the coca with peppers, onions and tomatoes, although everyone loves them also with sardines, anchovies or olive oil.

Pumpkin cake or pumpkin doughnuts

Looking for something sweet? As far as sweetness is concerned, Denia deserves a well-deserved gold medal (at least for our palates) for delicacies such as the typical pumpkin and chocolate cake or pumpkin doughnut (“buñuelos”).

The cake will just blow you away! It consists of a kind of pumpkin cake, which blends perfectly with chocolate and cottage cheese. Not too sweet, not bitter, just perfect. You certainly will not be able to resist it!

Another traditional dish from Denia, which you simply have to try, is the pumpkin doughnut. It is undoubtedly the star of the place, and you can not go without tasting it, for example, with something warm. No matter in which season, we guarantee that its finger licking good!

Living in Denia

Has Denia conquered you through the stomach? No wonder, we have already conquered a few! If you already know that you want to live in Denia or want to learn a little more about the place, how it is, and what property options you have at your disposal, we recommend this other post about Real Estate services in Denia. See you soon in the Valencian city of Denia!