A real estate agency, your best option to sell or buy

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Immobilienmakler, die beste Art zu kaufen und zu verkaufen

Buying or selling a property is an extremely important decision in the life of any citizen.

Buying or selling a property is an extremely important decision in the life of any citizen. Therefore, it is vital to consult with professionals in the sector from the outset to know in depth how the process is in our field.

Without a doubt, the key is to work with a real estate agency with years of experience and outstanding professionals so that the transaction goes perfectly.

A company that, mainly, knows in detail the current regulations and the documentation that must be submitted by any person, either Spanish or foreigners, who wishes to buy or sell a property.

For this reason, if you are thinking of buying or selling a property in the stunning and beautiful Costa Blanca, you should know that we are your ideal real estate agency to carry out this type of transactions.

Starck-Estates is a young agency, but with essential experience, dynamic and multilingual, offering potential buyers or sellers not only competent advice, but also a first class service, with a list of selected properties.

In addition, we excel in dealing with the client, supporting him throughout the process, ensuring, in this way, that the transaction is as fast as possible.

We perfectly know each aspect of this beautiful area of Spain and that is why we provide a highly qualified service so that the customer can sell or buy in Costa Blanca, province of Alicante.

A final detail, although not less important, is that we offer all the necessary information, so that you are one hundred percent sure when buying in this region of Spain. That is why we want to explain to you why it is so important to have a company like ours at your side.

Settlement process of a sale

In first place, it is essential that the client understands that the times of a sales transaction are estimated, since each case is different due to numerous factors. But, having a real estate agency, times will be reduced considerably.

In general, the entire procedure has an estimated duration of between six weeks and three months. Although it is not a complex process, it is necessary to have a lawyer from the first moment.

The procedure is not always the same, since it depends on several issues that either speed up the sale or make it take a little longer.

One of the reasons for the slowdown in sales is that neither party lives in Spain, which means finding a suitable date so that both parties can meet on the same day, on the spot.

There are also cases where you have to wait for specific documentation. This is common, for example, when new laws come into force.

Another situation that can delay the sale is that the buyer needs a mortgage to buy the property.

In short, there are several factors that affect this entire process. Therefore, it is important to be patient and, in particular, to consult a trustworthy real estate agent.

Advice from the first moment

First, we know that these types of negotiations are full of bureaucratic procedures that are usually very tedious for most people. In addition, sometimes, there is a complete ignorance of the new regulations and that delays everything much more.

That is why it is essential in the real estate market to have a trustworthy real estate agency right from the start.

In addition, we must bear in mind that the property market is growing exponentially in Costa Blanca, due to its many attractions, so that competitiveness is growing.

Therefore, in order not to have any inconvenience when buying or selling a property, it is essential to have a trusted real estate agency at your side, which offers you, above all, transparency and tranquility at all times.

How the purchase of a property is handled is extremely important, and we believe that the relationship with the customer must be effective so that both parties can benefit.

In order to be transparent, we rely on clear work processes and criteria from the first moment of contact.

At the same time, all information regarding the property that the customer wants to buy or sell will immediately be forwarded by our professional team.

About us

Starck-Estates is a young, dynamic and multilingual company that offers potential buyers or sellers not only efficient advice, but also a first-class service, with a list of selected properties.

At this last point, we have a wide variety of properties in our portfolio, so that we can offer the right property for all tastes and needs.

In addition, we excel in the close treatment of the customer, supporting him throughout the process and ensuring, in this way, that the transaction is as fast as possible.

Our team is made up of competent workers, with the particularity that they speak several languages.

We know perfectly that Costa Blanca is one of the regions of the country that is generating more attraction in recent years.

By choosing us, you are relying on an experienced and competent partner, always attentive to your needs.

Each Starck-Estates customer receives personalized advice, based on our principles, which are reliability, commitment and responsibility.

There is no doubt that the fastest and most effective way to buy or sell a home is to rely on a team of professionals.

Therefore, don´t hesitate to contact us from the first moment you have decided to buy or sell a property in this beautiful region of Spain.

Because with Starck-Estates you will have the peace of mind of being, during the whole process, together with a great team of professionals, with years of experience in the world of buying and selling real estate in Costa Blanca so that your goal will come true.