Denia – Attractions & Gastronomy in the secret capital of the Costa Blanca


Denia is one of the many locations in Alicante that is worth knowing for many reasons. The rise of this region in recent years has increased the interest of Spaniards and foreigners to buy properties in the area.

Located on the North Coast of the Province of Alicante, the city belongs to the Valencian Community. Currently, less than 50 thousand inhabitants live in Denia, being the most visited town in the country by tourists. Precisely, the small population has made it a perfect area to buy a home and this has made that the real estate market is constantly evolving in recent decades. In short, it is worth taking a look at the main attractions that Denia offers, a small town that has a lot to see and know.

Main attractions

Denia has witnessed the settlement of different civilizations throughout history, which of course have left their mark. That is why the town is marked by the mixture of customs and that has greatly enriched its culture. Therefore, one of the most emblematic places in the town is the Castle of Denia, a monument where a visit is mandatory. Definitely, the castle dominates the walled city and from there you can see every point of the city.

Meanwhile, ancient walls and towers, such as the Torre del Gerro and the Torre de la Almadraba, are emblematic sites because they invite the traveler to see how, due to its strategic position, Denia became a magnificent fortress. The neighborhoods Baix la Mar and Les Roques are the most archaic in the region and that is why they house many of the treasures kept by the town, such as El Ayuntamiento, Los Astilleros and La Casa del Marqués del Campo.

On the outskirts, the Montgó mountain is a reference of the area. It is a wonderful natural enclave to enjoy the mountain and the sea, with a privileged view. Of course, in this tour of the main attractions of Denia you can not miss its paradisiacal beaches, of fine sand and turquoise water. Among the most prominent and chosen by visitors, we find Les Marines, Les Bovetes, L´Almadrava and Els Molins.


Without a doubt, one of the aspects that make Denia unique is its gastronomy. So much so, that on the 11th of December 2015, the UNESCO declared it “Creative City of Gastronomy”. Therefore, there are incredible landscapes and monuments of great historical value but food is one of the qualities that visitors most ponder.

In Denia the best products of the sea and the Valencian gardens are merged, resulting in a clear example of the variety and excellence of the Mediterranean diet. The most emblematic dishes that we can try in Denia include: the characteristic red prawn of Denia, the unique “arrós a banda”, the “espencat” (roasted vegetables), fish soup, dry octopus, the “suquet de peix” in short, the variety is definitely very large. All these typical meals can be tasted in the more than 300 restaurants that the small town has.

With regard to drinks, we find the traditional ones of the Valencian Community, such as horchata, cassalla, mistela and cremaet, among others. In short, Denia is well recognized by UNESCO, due to its wide and diverse gastronomic offer.

There is no doubt that the attractions, the typical dishes and the few people who live in the town have made it an attraction for Spaniards and foreigners.

That is why, the real estate market in the region is growing exponentially and if you want to buy a property in Denia, it is essential to have a real estate agency with experience in the region.

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