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      string(28) "Properties for sale in Denia"
      string(99) "Find a property for sale in Denia with the help of Starck-Estates, your trusted real estate agency "
      string(8560) "

    We know that searching for and finding a house can be a real headache, but we want you to discover how easy it can be to find properties for sale thanks to the help of Starck-Estates, the Costa Blanca real estate agency that will help you throughout the process of searching for your ideal home.

    Starck-Estates Real Estate Agency

    At our company we believe that the main factors that differentiate us from the rest of the competition are the quality of our service and personalized attention to all our clients, whatever their needs. Taking care of our clients is a fundamental part of our company philosophy. For this reason we focus on standing out by offering a quality service and helping all our clients find or sell their homes quickly, making the process straight forward and saving time for both buyers and sellers.

    If you are thinking of finding a house in Denia or in any other area of ??the Costa Blanca, we know how to help you. Sometimes searching for a house for sale can be an arduous and complicated task if done without help, Internet portals often do not offer all the necessary information and it is difficult to filter the large number of options. Our real estate agency will help you with that aspect and more, understanding your needs and offering only the options that suit you, ensuring a fair price and having the support of professionals in the property sales sector.

    Denia Real Estate Agency

    Our real estate agency Denia can help you with much more than just finding a house for sale. Whatever you are looking for, to sell your house, buy a home, or rent a house in Costa Blanca area... we know how to help you. At Starck-Estates we will be your trusted Denia estate agent for any housing management related issues.

    Denia is one of the most important towns on the Alicante coast, being also a city which holds great appeal for national and international tourists, especially during the summer months due to the wide range of activities, beaches, terraces and nightlife thatDenia offers. Knowing everything that the town offers, it is common to think that selling or renting a property in Denia should be an easy task. Although this market offers many opportunities to both buyers and sellers, we know that not everyone has the opportunity to dedicate the time and effort necessary to find advantageous opportunities in the sale of homes, therefore, we offer our services and knowledge of the market to ensure the best deals, with no worries or complications on your part other than trusting us.

    Costa Blanca 

    We offer our services throughout the entire Costa Blanca area, and by knowing the market well this brings many opportunities our way. Our Costa Blanca Alicante Real Estate is ideal if you are looking for a property for sale in Denia, either for purchase or holiday rental, we know that you will be charmed by the area and its wonderful beaches, considered by many to be the most beautiful on the Costa Blanca.

    The biggest advantage that we enjoy is that we are a specialized real estate agency in Costa Blanca area and we understand the workings of the area, which is very useful to advise owners and buyers interested in any home. At Starck-Estates we will guarantee you the best and fairest sale price according to the current market and that is, of course, beneficial for you. With us, you will be able to sell your house on the Costa Blanca faster and hassle free.

    Living on the Costa Blanca

    Denia being one of the largest tourist towns in Spain, is one of the major tourist areas of the Costa Blanca and has an exceptional climate that enables residents and visitors alike to enjoy the sea, beach and city during practically any season. The Costa Blanca area enjoys a microclimate due to its gifted geographical position and this means that it rarely rains, and temperatures are pleasant and warm throughout the year, a result of the area bordering the Mediterranean and being surrounded by mountains.

    For those who prefer nightlife to the beaches, Benidorm can also be an exceptional place to find a home to live permanently or spend your holidays. The nightlife of Benidorm should be seen to be believed, cheerful, lively and busy during the high season, with numerous festivals, concerts and shows during almost every summer night and being one of the quintessential tourist locations. Therefore, if you like what you are reading, count on us as your trusted Benidorm real estate agency. Deciding what to do during your free time will never be a problem in the lively cities of the Costa Blanca.

    Buy a property in Denia 

    At Starck-Estates we know that many choose the Mediterranean Coast to find their second home or holiday residence, usually due to the beauty of the coastline and beaches and the mild climate as a result of its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to find the second residence that best suits your tastes and needs, our Alicante Real Estate Agency will help you to make your dreams come true. Whatever you are looking for, if you are looking for a property for sale in Denia or in any other locality we can find it for you and we will get you the best deal with your interests always in mind.

    Amongst the properties that we have are houses with swimming pools, new build properties, rural houses, fincas, luxury properties and many more, available to buy or for holiday rental in Alicante. To make the process much easier for you, we propose that you make a list of what your future home needs to have, whether it be a pool, central location, area preference, number of rooms or everything you think will make it become your dream house. Once your preferences are clear, contact us and we will help you streamline the search process, so that you do not lose valuable time looking at houses that do not meet your requirements.

    Living in Alicante

    At Starck-Estates real estate agency Alicante we want to help you, if you are thinking that the beautiful coast of the Costa Blanca or any of its areas should be your home, you will be in good hands. Amongst our favorite destinations are Jávea, Denia, Els Poblets, Pedreguer, Orba and many others, let´s find your ideal home, the one that best suits you and your family´s needs best. We are looking forward to meeting you and advising you on your next move!

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    Properties for sale in Denia


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    Discover the advantages of selling your house with a real estate agent in Denia. Selling a house or any type of property in Denia can be a difficult task, since perhaps, depending on the moment, the market may be saturated, or you may not have the skills or resources to carry out the sale of your home in a successful manner.

    For this reason, at Starck-Estates we want to inform you of the best advantages of hiring a real estate agent in Denia, either to buy or to sell your home. If you want to find out about all the benefits that a real estate agency can offer you, take a look at the information that we offer below regarding the sale and purchase of real estate in Denia.

    Spain and the sale of real estate

    It is true, nowadays that it can be quite difficult to sell a propertyin Spaineffectively, a lot of help is needed along with sound advice and support from the professionals so that its management is carried out in the most satisfactory way for all interested parties.

    Real estate companies such as Starck-Estates, know the market perfectly and have a clear understanding of their clients’ needs, thanks to their databases and web portals, which are available to visitors from all over the world. That is why we keep ourselves constantly updated regarding the real estate sector in Denia, and we apply our experience individually to each of our clients.

    The attractions of Denia at the time of sale

    You may or may not be aware that Denia is one of the most important towns in the province of Alicante, being one of the most visited cities by European tourists of all ages, especially during the warmer months when you can make the most of the climate, its terraces, its nightlife, water sports and its incredible beaches.

    But not only that, Denia also enjoys an incredible array of gastronomic opportunities and great cultural wealth; So much so, that in 2015 it was named a Creative Gastronomic City by UNESCO, further emphasizing its virtues as an all-timefavourite Mediterranean destination.

    Denia is one of the more populous towns in Alicante province, and for this reason, it has large residential and tourist areas, as well as an excellent infrastructure to allow further expansion in the future. Denia enjoys more than 20 kilometres of coastline, and its beaches are considered by many to be the most beautiful in the area. Bustling fishing ports and marinas, its agriculture, as well as an established shipping industry, provide some of the main sources of Denia's economy.

    Without a doubt, Denia is already a modern city from which to enjoy not only a fabulous holiday, but an ideal place to purchase a permanent home, that's why there are many buyers interested in homes in this area.

    Advantages of hiring a real estate agent in Denia

    Are you still not convinced that hiring a real estate agency will be the best for selling your apartment in Denia? Let’s help to make it clarify a few facts for you. First of all, we recommend asking yourself the following questions so that you answer them as honestly as possible:

    1. How much of my time can I dedicate to selling my home?

    2. Do I really know the market well enough to handle the sale myself?

    3. Will I be able to sell the apartment quickly?

    4. Have I priced my home realistically?

    All the answers to these questions can be given by a good real estate agent. The real estate sector is not easy, and it can always be more complicated depending on the current market situation in the country. The profit margins may not be like they were years ago, so it is important to find a real estate agency that guarantees the sale of your home, earning money in a realistic way. Because, even if you don’t think there would be, there can be big differences between the price you achieve and the price that your chosen real estate agency sets for your property.

    The expertise and experience of the best real estate agencies in Denia allow you to get better offers and use more resources to reach more possible buyers, thus doubling or tripling the number of possible buyers of your property in Denia.

    Having answered the above questions, are you still in some doubt about hiring a real estate agency? As we promised at the beginning of the article, here are the rest of the advantages that we are sure will end up convincing you:

    - Real estate agencies are committed to you. That is to say, the professional companies dedicated to the sale of real estate will always treat you with care and will always try to obtain the maximum price from these homes, in order to achieve the maximum benefit for both them and you. They will maximise their efforts to make a sale happen in the best possible way, and the end result is always a win-win for all parties. Real estate agency, buyer and seller must be satisfied with the operation.

    - Sales through a real estate agency tend to take place faster. You may be in a hurry to sell, or you may not, but the mechanics of real estate agents cannot be compared to what you can do by yourself to sell your apartment. They know the sector so well, and have extensive data at their disposal, as well as the most effective advertising tools, to ensure that the sale of your property in Dénia is carried out faster than if you carried out all the work on your own.

    - The centralisation of the process will favour the sale of your apartment. This means that there is only one interlocutor in charge of the entire process and bureaucratic procedures, which is always more useful and practical than allowing several people to intervene in everything. Since there is only one voice, it is the way that a good real estate agent has to solve any type of problem more quickly. The fewer people involved the better. If the sales process were to drag on for any reason, interference with the process would only delay things even further, so if your agent is a professional, trust them and let themdo their job.

    - Save time and money through using a real estate agency. This might seem like an unlikely proposal as many people think that selling a home on their own will save them money mainly because you avoid real estate fees or commissions, for example. Or that, setting the price that you believe is correct, you can achieve a better selling price.However, these beliefs are not true and they can also be very expensive: the market value you can neither change it nor ignore it, so if you want to sell your apartment in Denia you cannot start from an unrealistic price just because you want to earn a lot of money. In this sense, real estate agencies do help you save time and money because they take care of absolutely everything, while all you need to do is forward and sign all the relevant paperwork. Our real estate agency has experts capable of negotiating in the most appropriate way, genuinely interested in the sale of your property, since it benefits both parties.

    And now? Don't you think that the best decision to sell your apartment in Denia is to leave it in the hands of a good real estate agent? We can help you. At Starck-Estates, we are professionals committed to our work and trained based on our company culture: commitment and care for our client relationships to achieve the best results.

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    Real estate agency Denia


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      string(87) "Denia is one of the many locations in Alicante that is worth knowing for many reasons. "
      string(16994) "


    Denia is one of the many locations in Alicante that is worth knowing for many reasons. The rise of this region in recent years has increased the interest of Spaniards and foreigners to buy properties in the area.

    Located on the North Coast of the Province of Alicante, the city belongs to the Valencian Community. Currently, less than 50 thousand inhabitants live in Denia, being the most visited town in the country by tourists.

    Precisely, the small population has made it a perfect area to buy a home and this has made that the real estate market is constantly evolving in recent decades.

    In short, it is worth taking a look at the main attractions that Denia offers, a small town that has a lot to see and know.

    Main attractions

    Denia has witnessed the settlement of different civilizations throughout history, which of course have left their mark.

    That is why the town is marked by the mixture of customs and that has greatly enriched its culture.

    Therefore, one of the most emblematic places in the town is the Castle of Denia, a monument where a visit is mandatory.

    Definitely, the castle dominates the walled city and from there you can see every point of the city.

    Meanwhile, ancient walls and towers, such as the Torre del Gerro and the Torre de la Almadraba, are emblematic sites because they invite the traveler to see how, due to its strategic position, Denia became a magnificent fortress.

    The neighborhoods Baix la Mar and Les Roques are the most archaic in the region and that is why they house many of the treasures kept by the town, such as El Ayuntamiento, Los Astilleros and La Casa del Marqués del Campo.

    On the outskirts, the Montgó mountain is a reference of the area. It is a wonderful natural enclave to enjoy the mountain and the sea, with a privileged view.

    Of course, in this tour of the main attractions of Denia you can not miss its paradisiacal beaches, of fine sand and turquoise water.

    Among the most prominent and chosen by visitors, we find Les Marines, Les Bovetes, L´Almadrava and Els Molins.

    Finally, one aspect that is worth emphasizing is the cuisine of the town, one of the most prominent in the region.


    Without a doubt, one of the aspects that make Denia unique is its gastronomy. So much so, that on the 11th of December 2015, the UNESCO declared it “Creative City of Gastronomy”.

    Therefore, there are incredible landscapes and monuments of great historical value but food is one of the qualities that visitors most ponder.

    In Denia the best products of the sea and the Valencian gardens are merged, resulting in a clear example of the variety and excellence of the Mediterranean diet.

    The most emblematic dishes that we can try in Denia include: the characteristic red prawn of Denia, the unique “arrós a banda”, the “espencat” (roasted vegetables), fish soup, dry octopus, the “suquet de peix" in short, the variety is definitely very large.

    All these typical meals can be tasted in the more than 300 restaurants that the small town has.

    With regard to drinks, we find the traditional ones of the Valencian Community, such as horchata, cassalla, mistela and cremaet, among others.

    In short, Denia is well recognized by UNESCO, due to its wide and diverse gastronomic offer.

    There is no doubt that the attractions, the typical dishes and the few people who live in the town have made it an attraction for Spaniards and foreigners.

    That is why, the real estate market in the region is growing exponentially and if you want to buy a property in Denia, it is essential to have a real estate agency with experience in the region.

    Buy a property in Denia

    Definitely, buying a property is an extremely important decision in the life of any citizen.

    Therefore, so that everything goes perfectly, the key is to work with a real estate agency with years of experience and outstanding professionals.

    Starck-Estates is a young, dynamic and multilingual company that offers potential buyers or sellers not only efficient advice, but also a first-class service, with a list of selected properties.

    At this last point, we have a wide variety of properties in our portfolio, so that we can offer the right property for all tastes and needs.

    In addition, we excel in the close treatment of the customer, supporting him throughout the process and ensuring, in this way, that the transaction is as fast as possible.

    Our team is made up of competent workers, with the particularity that they speak several languages.

    We know perfectly that Costa Blanca is one of the regions of the country that is generating more attraction in recent years.

    By choosing us, you are relying on an experienced and competent partner, always attentive to your needs.

    Each Starck-Estates customer receives personalized advice, based on our principles, which are reliability, commitment and responsibility.

    There is no doubt that the fastest and most effective way to buy or sell a home is to rely on a team of professionals.

    Therefore, don´t hesitate to contact us from the first moment you have decided to buy or sell a property in this beautiful region of Spain.

    Because with Starck-Estates you will have the peace of mind of being, during the whole process, together with a great team of professionals, with years of experience in the world of buying and selling real estate in Costa Blanca so that your goal will come true.


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      string(32) "Several reasons to live in Denia"
      string(70) "Dénia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Spain"
      string(10556) "

    If you've ever considered moving to Denia, this post is without a doubt for you. Finding a new home to live is something that turns out to be difficult for many, especially when changing countries and cities, but it's not impossible.

    Dénia belongs to the Valencia region and is a port city in the province of Alicante.

    This little info can be of great help to get a brief idea of what this city can basically be like. However, we will explain further details below.

    What is it like to live in Dénia?

    As mentioned earlier, Dénia is a port city with a large beach area and a warm climate.

    This city currently has a strong attraction to tourists, but not only for its beaches, but also for other aspects, among which are:


    To live in Dénia, the first thing you should know is its climate. For many people, the idea of an excessively hot place can be frustrating, but luckily, Dénia is not like that.

    Due to its location on the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Dénia enjoys a pleasant climate. It has an average annual temperature of 20 ºC.

    The greatest variations are in the month of August and of course in the winter season. Nevertheless, the city of Dénia usually does not exceed 30 ° C and is very rarely below 12 ° C.

    It can therefore be said that the climate in Dénia with its annual temperature range is very pleasant and bearable.


    As soon as the move to a new city is pending, you should also find out about the gastronomy of the new place where you will live.

    It should be emphasized that the cuisine in Dénia is very good. In 2015, the town was recognized by UNESCO as a creative city of gastronomy.

    As this city is considered one of the best in the entire Mediterranean, it should be noted that its main courses include seafood, rice and fish.

    Other typical dishes are the famous Espencat (with fried vegetables) and the Mediterranean cocas


    The third point that most people consider when moving to a new city or country is the number of residents in that location. The population in Dénia, is around 42,000 people.

    However, the population can reach up to 200,000 inhabitants at certain times. These times (usually holiday periods) lead to an increase in tourism in the region.

    Nonetheless, Denia, due to its population during a non-holiday season, is considered a very tranquil place.

    How do the inhabitants see the city of Dénia?

    Since we talk a little about the image of what it is like to live in Dénia, it is necessary to investigate a little more, about what the inhabitants of the city perceive.

    In that case, both those who live there permanently and those who visit Dénia only sporadically.

    Opinions about living permanently in Denia (especially among the permanent residents) are often based on the fact that it ienjoys one of the best climates in Spain.

    In addition, it is also characterized by being one of the quietest and safest places in the country, with the best cuisine and landscapes to observe.

    But the opinions about Dénia are not only summarized in its excellent gastronomy, the good weather present throughout the year and the beautiful mountain and beach landscapes.

    There is also talk about the good quality of life, thanks to its educational system, medical service and others.

    The inhabitants often mention the quality of education offered in the area and the formidable medical service, which is available to everyone.

    Taking as a reference, many of the opinions of Dénia by its inhabitants, we can conclude that it is an excellent place to live.

    This city has great cultural and natural wealth, which induces a better adaptation once you arrive in the city.

    It should be noted that, if you are looking to buy a property in Spain (or sell), specifically in Dénia, the best option to do so, is through the real estate agency Starck-Estates.

    At Starck-Estates we guarantee that the sale and purchase of your property will be handled responsibly and without any problems.

    How do tourists see the city of Dénia?

    As you may have noticed, Dénia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Spain.

    Currently, this small community in Spain is one of the most popular destinations for summer lovers all year round.

    The main reason why tourists love this place during the holiday season is the beautiful beaches.

    Dénia offers 20 km of coastline with beautiful beaches and bays. However, many also visit this city for its gastronomy and its various entertainment options.

    Other things you should know

    The quality of Dénia's medical services was mentioned earlier. So if you want to move there, you can be very calm and safe. With the medical services this city offers you, you can guarantee your safety and that of your loved ones.

    It should be noted that there are several health and ambulance centers in Dénia. The most important, the hospital, is only a few minutes from the city center and has a large number of specialists in many areas of medicine.

    If you have children, you should know that Dénia also has numerous institutions and schools.

    In addition, a few years ago the Ministry of Education increased the public classrooms from 2 to 3 years so that even the smallest can take part without any problems.

    On the other hand, the range of leisure activities in Dénia is very diverse. Anyone who decides to move to this city will enjoy a great time for sure.

    Also for trips with children, Dénia offers a variety of playgrounds and even a children's library.

    If you want to have time for yourself and are a shopping lover, this fabulous place is made for you. The city of Dénia has a large number of shops scattered throughout the city, such as:

    - Clothing boutiques
    - Shoe shops
    - Restaurants
    - Bars
    - Several others


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    Several reasons to live in Denia


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      string(30) "The best summer plans in Denia"
      string(81) "Denia, a port city on the Mediterranean Sea, and part of the province of Alicante"
      string(43456) "

    If you are planning your holiday in Denia, you have already hit the bull´s eye. The truth is that Denia, a port city on the Mediterranean Sea, and part of the province of Alicante, is one of the most popular destinations in Spain. As expected, there are many things to see and do in Denia! But to put it all much easier, in today's post we will tell you some of the best summer plans in Denia.

    Castle of Denia

    The Castle of Denia is undoubtedly our number one in terms of plans and things to see in Denia. It is simply unavoidable. The famous monument will take us on a journey into the past in which we can learn a lot about its culture and history.

    The Castle is presiding over the city, at the top. Visiting it is a must, since you can also admire its walls that still remain, the famous towers, and of course, impressive views of the city of Denia. Even if it were only for those views, we assure you that it's worth going. Oh! But if you are passionate about archeology and history, do not worry, there you will also find a small archaeological museum.

    Les Marines Beach

    There is no summer without a beach, or so they say, right? The truth is that the beaches of Denia are also spectacular, so among the best plans in Denia, this could not miss.

    The Beach of Les Marines is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches, and is located north of the city of Denia. It has about 2,570 meters in length, and a width of about 80 meters on average.

    The beach of Les Marines can boast of a privileged location, a very good size (which leaves space enough for everyone although just that day there would be quite an influx of people), and restaurants and bars nearby for when the gluttony enters. As if that were not enough, from it you can see the castle of Denia. The beach is a highlight you can not miss among your summer plans in Denia.

    Walk through the historic center and tapas

    This is undoubtedly a great summer plan, and you can also combine it with your visit to the Castle of Denia, another must see as we have already mentioned.

    Walking through the beautiful old town of Denia, which has more than special charm, will not take you long, since it is not too big. You can start by visiting the castle, and then visit emblematic places such as the Plaza de la Constitución, the town hall building, and finish on the famous Loreto street. There you can enjoy some of the best delicacies of Denia in the form of a tapa. 

    Oh! Also, do not forget to visit the two churches of the old town: the Convent of Las Agustinas in the same Loreto Street, and the Asunción in the Plaza de la Constitución.

    Do you want to settle in Denia?

    No wonder, Denia is a paradise full of plans, and those that we have brought you today are just some of the hundreds that await you. Step by step, we are sure that Denia is going to win your heart and will captivate you.

    If this happens, and you want to have the best support and advice when it comes to finding your ideal property in Denia, at Starck Estates we are here to accompany you throughout the process. We have a great team with extensive experience, plus endless properties of all kinds to choose from, both in Denia and in other locations such as Jávea and the entire Costa Blanca.

    " ["tags"]=> string(40) "Denia, summer in denia, holiday in denia" ["url"]=> string(30) "the-best-summer-plans-in-denia" ["texto1"]=> string(0) "" ["texto2"]=> string(0) "" ["texto3"]=> string(0) "" ["link"]=> string(0) "" ["meta_title"]=> string(30) "The best summer plans in Denia" ["meta_description"]=> string(81) "Denia, a port city on the Mediterranean Sea, and part of the province of Alicante" ["meta_keywords"]=> string(40) "Denia, summer in denia, holiday in denia" ["fecha"]=> string(19) "2019-03-18 14:59:54" ["img_footer"]=> string(0) "" ["img"]=> string(57) "/backoffice/uploadImages/post/13/AdobeStock_131739149.jpg" }
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    The best summer plans in Denia


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      string(45) "4 typical dishes of Denia that you should try"
      string(47) "Fall in love with Denia through its gastronomy."
      string(3839) "

    Denia's gastronomy is undeniably outstanding. So, if you want to go on vacation or stay in a beautiful city, you are in luck. All in all, there are many compelling reasons why Denia was declared a Creative Gastronomic City by UNESCO.

    Predictably, rice and fresh fish stand out in the local cuisine, and one of the most famous dishes is "Arròs a Banda". But far beyond this rich rice plate, a whole world full of delights awaits you in Denia. Without a doubt, we will also whet your appetite for tasting the 4 traditional dishes of Denia. You don´t believe it? There are 4 typical dishes of Denia that you definitely must try!

    The Espencat

    Delicious comes too short. Far too short. The famous Espencat is one of the most typical dishes of the whole district of Valencia, especially in Denia. The dish, a kind of tasty "cold salad", consists of previously baked red pepper strips, eggplant, cod and a good shot of the best olive oil. In many restaurants, it is common to add pine nuts, boiled egg or even olives. A tapa of Espencat is a must while staying in Denia, we can assure you.


    If you love stews, this is your ideal dish, and if not, we promise that it will be! The Llandeta is a typical white fish and rice stew from Denia (Alicante), which is also accompanied by potatoes.

    The main ingredients are the combination of fresh white fish, such as whiting, bream, monkfish or conger. Why is it called Llandeta? Because in the past the dish was cooked in a typical metal tray called "llanda", which literally means "can". Today it is also prepared in a casserole, and it is simply sensational. It is without a doubt in the top of the best typical dishes of Denia that you must try.

    Varied Cocas

    Denia is for sure the kingdom of cocas, just finger licking good. Another typical dish from Denia that you just have to taste is its famous coca, or cocas, as there is a wide variety of them. The fact is that it is difficult to choose only one. Among the best known is the coca with peppers, onions and tomatoes, although everyone loves them also with sardines, anchovies or olive oil.

    Pumpkin cake or pumpkin doughnuts

    Looking for something sweet? As far as sweetness is concerned, Denia deserves a well-deserved gold medal (at least for our palates) for delicacies such as the typical pumpkin and chocolate cake or pumpkin doughnut ("buñuelos").

    The cake will just blow you away! It consists of a kind of pumpkin cake, which blends perfectly with chocolate and cottage cheese. Not too sweet, not bitter, just perfect. You certainly will not be able to resist it!

    Another traditional dish from Denia, which you simply have to try, is the pumpkin doughnut. It is undoubtedly the star of the place, and you can not go without tasting it, for example, with something warm. No matter in which season, we guarantee that its finger licking good!

    Living in Denia

    Has Denia conquered you through the stomach? No wonder, we have already conquered a few! If you already know that you want to live in Denia or want to learn a little more about the place, how it is, and what property options you have at your disposal, we recommend this other post about Real Estate services in Denia. See you soon in the Valencian city of Denia!

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    4 typical dishes of Denia that you should try


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      string(16) "Weather in Denia"
      string(86) "Planning to visit or live in Denia? Discover what to do, see and the weather in Denia."
      string(4245) "

    Discover the weather in Denia

    Who is not passionate about the Mediterranean climate? Warm temperatures throughout the year and very little rainfall provide the best scenario to enjoy to the scenery of Denia with its large cultural and gastronomic offer.

    On average, the annual temperature in the city of Denia is between 17 and 19 degrees Celsius. This makes it one of the best destinations in the Valencian Region in terms of tourist influx.

    In fact, the majority of visitors and travellers come to Denia during the summer season, as the sun is shining and the weather is at its best. The summer months are an ideal time to enjoy the beaches and coves of Denia, water sports or hiking. However, one can claim to enjoy a wonderful climate in Denia 365 days a year. So there are many things to do in both sunny summer and winter.

    Main attractions in Denia and what to do

    Wondering what things to do in Denia and what to see? Denia is one of the most important port cities in Spain, in the district of Valencia. As it could not be otherwise, it is also one of the most popular areas of Alicante, both by locals and travellers from all over the world. We can guarantee that many of those who fly to Denia fall in love with this beautiful city and do not want to leave. In fact, there is a multitude of people who have decided to stay here and live, after they could not resist the charms of this beautiful place.

    Among the best activities in the city of Denia is visiting the famous and ancient castle of Denia, the urban market in Calle Magallanes and the fish market in the port, as well as a day surrounded by nature in the Natural Park Montgó or a visit to the beautiful church of San Antonio. There are many cultural, leisure and, above all, gastronomic offers, but if you want to discover everything, we recommend that you read the other article about what to do in Denia (there we explain all the important plans).

    Living in Denia

    Without a doubt, Denia is one of the most beautiful cities in which one can live. In this town, great things await you: a wonderful climate with warm temperatures, spectacular beaches, protected natural parks, water sports, historical monuments, a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities, and of course, an exquisite cuisine. If these reasons have not convinced you yet to live in Denia, the delicious cuisine will surely do so. Did you know that Denia is officially the Creative City of Gastronomy by the UNESCO since 2015? The fusion of the best seafood and the Valencian ground offers a varied and Mediterranean cuisine that will leave no one indifferent. The highlight of the place are its red shrimps and specialities such as "suquet de peix" or "arròs a banda".

    Properties for sale in Denia

    Are you determined to stay in this paradise called Denia? If you are already searching for a property and capturing your perfect home to live in this city, it is best to contact a real estate specialist in the sector and area. In this case, we can say that Starck-Estates has become a benchmark in the sector and throughout the Costa Blanca, particularly in cities like Denia or Jávea.

    Whether on the beach, in the city centre, with a swimming pool, with a garden, something simple or a luxury villa with unbeatable views. At Starck-Estates we have a large selection of properties in Denia so you can choose the one that best suits you and your family. It is as simple as accessing the web and filtering your search in the Denia area. Whether you want to buy or sell your house or property, at Starck-Estates we are happy to be your real estate agency in Denia.

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    Weather in Denia


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      string(28) "Real estate agency in Dénia"
      string(97) "If you want to find a property to live in Dénia, the best option is to go to a real estate agent"
      string(4485) "

    Are you looking for your ideal home in Denia?

    If you need to find the perfect property to live in Dénia, the best option is to go to a specialized real estate agent, who knows the market, who has the best properties in the area and above all that has a team of professionals who know how to guide and advise you and furthermore get to offer a full service based on your needs.

    That's for what we work at Starck-Estates. Our purpose is to offer you a real estate service for excellence in Dénia.


    Dénia is one of the localities par excellence of the province of Alicante. The city is one of the busiest and most visited by European tourism in the summer months for its wide variety of beaches and the spectacular beauty of them. It is also one of the Spanish cities with the greatest gastronomic variety and greatest cultural richness. In fact, the city was designated a Creative Gastronomic City by the UNESCO. Enjoy the authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Dénia.

    It is also one of the towns in Alicante with the largest population and therefore with one of the largest infrastructure of residential and tourist accommodations. It is the capital of the Marina Alta and is undoubtedly one of the best known Spanish cities. It is a modern city with all the necessary services to enjoy a vacation or a choice to establish your permanent home.

    It is a city very involved with the coast. In fact it has about 20 kilometers of coastline. It is from the cities of the Costa Blanca the one with the best beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also one of the Spanish cities with more fishing activity and marinas. It has a large shipping industry since it is one of the main activities of Dénia's economy.

    Real estate agent in Dénia

    At Starck-Estates we know how important it is to offer an excellent service when it comes to helping you choose your home in Dénia. Whether you need to buy or sell your property in Dénia, at Starck-Estates we help you to do it in the easiest and most effective way possible.

    We have a great variety of housing types so you can find the one that really suits your needs. Whatever your goal is when buying or selling your home in Dénia, Starck-Estates will help you fulfil it.

    Enter our website and check our property portal filtering through the Dénia area and check the quality of the accommodation offered on the web. Whether you are looking for houses near the beach, homes with a pool, gardens or land, at Starck-Estates we can help you.

    A family home with a pool can be the ideal solution to fight the sweltering heat of summer in Costa Blanca. However, if in addition to finding an accommodation with a pool, we can find a house near the beaches of Dénia, it may be the best option. The beaches of the coast of Dénia are the most recognized beaches in the world, so living near any of these can be considered one of the greatest privileges of living in Dénia.

    You can also enjoy accommodation near the city center. The city of Dénia has all the necessary services to offer a wide variety of leisure activities, entertainment and cultural activities in the most urban areas, so choosing your home in the center of Dénia, can also be a very good choice.

    Tell us what you need, let us advise you, and we will help you find the home that best suits what you are looking for. Whether you need to buy or sell your property in Dénia, at Starck-Estates we will help you to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Starck-Estates, your real estate agency in Dénia.

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    Real estate agency in Dénia