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Costa Blanca

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Costa Blanca is the name given to the coast of the province of Alicante. Mediterranean coast located in the southeast of Spain. Costa Blanca has more than 200 kilometers of coastline and 19 towns, from Denia to Pilar de la Horadada. It enjoys one of the most envied climates in Europe and stands out above all for the dazzling beaches and coves that cover the entire Costa Blanca area.
Life quality! And that is not the only reason to decide for a real estate on the Costa Blanca. 300 days of sunshine a year, the biodiverse flora or long sandy beaches are just some of the reasons that speak for a property on the Costa Blanca. The healthy microclimate, as well as the imposing mountains of the interior, illustrate, in addition to a wide range of cultural, sports and leisure activities, making this wonderful part of the world your home.
However, we do not have to associate Costa Blanca solely as a tourist and holiday destination. It is the ideal place to live. In this wonderful area of Alicante you can enjoy a unique cuisine and one of the provinces with more life and celebrations of the country. Without a doubt, whether it is a holiday home or a main home, investing in Costa Blanca is a guaranteed success. An experience that is worthwhile. Why not enjoy the next vacation in your own house on the Costa Blanca?
Costa Blanca is one of the areas with the most variety of traditional food products and high quality wines. It is characterized above all by the richness of its rice dishes and the quality of its seafood. In Costa Blanca you will enjoy an excellent Mediterranean diet, good cuisine governed by a magnificent tradition of the environment. A gastronomic experience that you can not miss based on the perfect combination of tradition and research.
It is also characterized by its celebrations and traditional festivals. The festivity of Los Moros y Cristianos is characteristic of this province, a tradition that has been preserved since the 16th century; the Bonfires of San Juan, famous and recognized for their cult of fire; or Semana Santa, one of the oldest and most conservative traditions in Spain. These festivals accumulate several titles of international tourist interest that we recommend to know and live at least once in a lifetime. Sure you repeat!

Denia is one of the best known towns of the Costa Blanca. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations for many Spaniards and for many European citizens who want to visit Spanish cities. It is a town renowned for the beauty of its beaches, for its gastronomic creativity, for its landscape diversity and for its richness in cultural activities. It is one of the areas of the Valencian Community with the largest population, which makes life on the streets of the city exceptional. At Starck-Estates we work to offer the best properties and offer the best service in one of the best and most prestigious areas of Costa Blanca.


Orba is a charming town in Alicante located just 154 meters above sea level. It is a village located about 18 kilometers from the city of Denia. It is characterized for being a traditional town and for the activities of crafts and ceramics. The agriculture of citrus products is a fundamental pillar of the town. As belonging to Denia you can access the beaches in just 20 minutes. It has an exceptional landscape ideal for those hikers looking for new experiences and new sensations in their travels. One of the most famous routes is the route of the Castle of Orba.


Els Poblets is a municipality in the province of Alicante. Located between Denia and Vergel it has 1 kilometer of Mediterranean coast. It is one of the provinces with more history of the country and with more cultural wealth of the Spanish panorama. It has important monuments and places of tourist interest and above all with a great tradition of typical customs of the Valencian Community. It is famous for its rich cuisine among which highlights its famous stew of bull with onion or rice with peeled beans. If you enjoy the food and the Spanish gastronomic culture, Els Poblets is the ideal place for you.


Pedreguer is a municipality of the Community of Valencia located in the region of Marina Alta. It is located just 85 meters above sea level. There are many reasons to choose Pedreguer among which we can highlight its gastronomy, its traditions and its wonderful mountain routes. Visit the center and enjoy the local heritage and get lost in the nature of this extraordinary Valencian town. One of the places of greater interest of the urban center of Pedreguer, is the Castellet de l'Ocaive. An indispensable visit in the town through its streets full of history and culture.


Town located north of the province of Alicante, between the two main provinces of the Valencian Community: Valencia and Alicante. It has a great variety and rich landscaping among which we highlight the Mediterranean coast with its beaches, valleys, mountains and cliffs of great beauty. A unique place that preserves today its historical and original charm. It is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful landscapes of the entire Costa Blanca coast. Thanks to its privileged location it is possible to reach the centers of the two main cities of the Valencian Community in less than an hour and a half.


Village located in the Valencian Community; northeast of the province of Alicante and on the border with the province of Valencia. It enjoys an excellent Mediterranean climate that is around 18 degrees on average per year. The climate, the location and the conservation of the environment make Pego an ideal place to enjoy tranquility and a high quality of life. The town itself is a tourist attraction that you can not miss. Visit the historic center, stroll through its exceptional streets, stop at one of the terraces for a bite to eat or sit in one of the town's restaurants to enjoy traditional food.


Costa Blanca town known for its great tradition and its streets full of history and remote places. It is a town on the coast of Alicante with a great medieval tradition in its streets and buildings that leaves no one indifferent. The historical and cultural wealth of the town makes every corner of it memorable and worthy of photography. It has 4 kilometers of coastline full of small beaches and paradisiac coves where maritime excursions and water sports activities are practiced. The city stands on the Cathedral of the Marina Alta, built in the "happy twenties."


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