Evolution of real estate sales in Costa Blanca


Costa Blanca is one of the areas in Spain that is growing the most on real estate level.

Costa Blanca is one of the areas that is growing the most on the real estate level on the east coast of Spain in the last years. It is one of the areas with the highest tourist influx, especially in the summer months, due to the attraction of sun and beach tourism so characteristic of the Mediterranean.

Many tourists, especially tourists from Europe, choose Costa Blanca as the location for their second residential home or as a place to establish their permanent residence.

In addition, not only real estate growth is being generated in the area by European tourism, but also by the Spanish citizens themselves, especially from the vicinity of Costa Blanca, who decide to move to this location for the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape and for the great leisure possibilities of its locations and its streets.

How the sale has evolved in this area in recent years

Costa Blanca stands out for the great evolution and readjustment of recent years as for real estate and construction. In the last three years the number of new construction visas in the area has increased remarkably as well as the purchase-sale transactions.

Specifically in recent years there has been a positive variation in the number of purchase and sale transactions that ranges between 15 and 20% per year.

The large amount of construction of new buildings in the area and the increase in second-hand property sales transactions, is generating a population readjustment and economic growth of Costa Blanca, which makes the coast of Alicante one of the ideal places to choose as a location to establish your residence.

In addition, the future forecasts of the Costa Blanca area are positive, which makes the place a location that grants a certain quality and safety to invest in Valencian land.

The Mediterranean climate is one of the main reasons why the population of Costa Blanca is growing considerably. The quality of life provided by the Mediterranean climate is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the coast. It is a climate dominated by the sun and warm temperatures in summer and moderate in winter and with little rainfall throughout the year. This means that due to the quality and quantity of the beaches of Costa Blanca, more and more people choose to take advantage of the combination of sun and beach and live close to the coast.

Localities of Costa Blanca in growth

Some of the locations for which we bet on at Starck-Estates based on the evolution of recent years and future forecasts of the place, are: Denia, one of the most populated and best known and preferred towns of the Costa Blanca . One of the favorite tourist destinations for many Spaniards and Europeans; Orba, a town located just 18 kilometers from the city of Denia and located 154 meters above sea level. And only 20 minutes from the nearest beach; Els Poblets, municipality of Alicante located between Denia and Vergel located on the Mediterranean coast; Pedreguer, located in the Marina Alta region and only 85 meters above sea level and with some of the best mountain routes of the entire Costa Blanca; Javea, a town located in the north of Alicante that practically borders Alicante and Valencia. One of the most emblematic landscapes of the Costa Blanca; Pego, another town near the border between Alicante and Valencia. It is the ideal place to enjoy peace and tranquility with a high quality of life; and Benissa, a town of Costa Blanca that is characterized by the great medieval tradition of its streets that gives it a great historical and cultural beauty and that enjoys more than 4 kilometers of Mediterranean coast.