How to decorate a small room with 3 tricks.

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Wie dekoriere ich einen kleinen Raum mit 3 Tricks?

3 simple tricks how to make your living room become a more spacious and welcoming space.

When we buy a house we treat it as if it was our own family. We take care of it and decorate it to the smallest detail, leaving our own personality reflected in its walls.

Of all the rooms that our house can have, the living room is where 70% of the life is made. And that’s why it’s the space that has to be more conditioned for our long stay. The problem is that sometimes it can be a bit small and you can get a little claustrophobic.

At Starck-Estates we are going to give you some ideas so that you get the most out of your living room in an easy and fast way.

Light colors.

Light colors such as white, light gray or off-white are allies of light, they get reflected in the walls, blurring the limits and giving the feeling of spaciousness. You can complement by changing the floor also by parquet or light colored ceramics. The floor expands everything. The dark or warm colors on the contrary get the effect of darkness, turn off the light that enters from outside and give the sensation of being a smaller space.

Light colors will give your living room a modern and fresh feeling.

Less is more

We all dream of a large sofa where we can rest after a hard day of work and watch our favorite Netflix program. But if we suffer from a small room that would be a big mistake.

Find a sofa that can satisfy your need but without eating your living room. You can for example choose sofas of 2 or 3 seats. Also individual armchairs with light colors like grey and white to get the light to continue reflecting.

If you do not like too much the extremely white spaces you can dress your sofas with turquoise colors or pale pink, since these colors will give a little more life to your living room and will not overwhelm or extinguish the area.

Continuing with minimalism, the concept of less is more, is perfect. Do not load the room with multiple shelves or high coffee tables. Clear spaces in the center give more sense of spaciousness. Let the light enter through all the areas of your living room so that your perception is wider.

Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Another great ally of the small and low-light rooms are the mirrors. With them you will be able to create optical illusions of amplitude. Place them strategically so that the little light that enters through the living room window is reflected in them and distributes light throughout the space.

You can complement putting some photographs or pictures on the walls, but taking into account not to overload the space so as not to reduce the size sensation.

Your home in Costa Blanca

If you follow our advice you can make your small room look more spacious and fresh, but you may still be looking for the house of your dreams or a second home on the Costa Blanca.

At Starck-Estates we have a wide variety of spectacular houses and villas in the Costa Blanca area, where you will not suffer from small spaces, as they have very spacious and bright rooms.

Count on our professional team at Starck-Estates. Specialists with years of experience in the sector to make your wishes and goals come true.