How to prepare your house to sell

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Wie Sie Ihr Haus für den Verkauf vorbereiten

Know the key points to consider when you are going to put your property for sale.

When we decide to sell our property, we usually think that it will not be for a long time, until the buyers will come along with all the new web platforms that exist on the market and with the help of the real estate agencies that will do everything possible to get to sell your home … But nothing is further from reality.

It is true that real estate agencies are able to find the best buyer for your home as quickly as possible, and take away that horrible headache that generates the entire process of selling your property.

But in today’s market, you have to follow the demand and supply law, so you have to get your property to stand out above the others to get them to accept your offer and avoid those typical sales with cheeky offers.

At Starck-Estates, we are going to give you some tips to impress the future buyers, because the first impression is the most important.

Home Staging

We will prepare the staging of your house to make it much more striking with some small arrangements.

First of all it is to fix the small damages that are in the house: broken plugs, clogged sinks, cracks on the walls, worn paint, etc. It is important that this is perfect since many buyers look for any defect to get a discount.

Colors and smells are another important point that you should keep in mind. We recommend that you paint the house with light colors and give light to the rooms. Also try that the house always smells neutral with air fresheners, since there are many people who have the most sensitive smell and the smell can bother them. On the other hand you may want to offer a better feeling of home and warmth, for that you can prepare coffee or cookies so that when the future buyers arrive the first smell that enters them is that. A very common strategy in northern European countries.

Get the feeling of space by removing furniture, in case you have many, to make it seem wider. You may still be living in your home while they are viewing it, but try to leave the wardrobes in the rooms empty or at least tidy, since many buyers look closely at the size of the cabinets when assessing a room.

Finally, decoration and light are other points to consider. The house has to be clear and with space, without very personal decoration such as photos or memories of past trips. But we must continue to impress and attract attention, that is why placing a cushion, a plant or a new curtains with neutral and cheerful colors will get that wow effect we are looking for.

Many people look at bright houses or apartments, and that is why we have to try to find out at what time of day more light enters the interior of the property to agree hours of visits at that time and scratch some points to sell.

Real estate agency Starck-Estates

Don´t worry if there are too many things to consider before selling your home, our expert team in the sector will help you and detect all possible failures that may cause a problem when selling.

Each client receives complete and personalized advice for their needs and situation.

Trust Starck-Estates to market your property. Our pre-sale service, service during the sale and after-sale is incomparable and unique.

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