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There are many who decide upon the town of Jávea to establish their home. We must admit that this municipality has a huge amount of charm. Beautiful beaches, fiestas and a diverse international population. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in this town, our Jávea real estate agency will help you with everything you need and will offer you world class service.

Houses in Jávea

Alicante, in addition to being the capital of the Valencian Community, is one of the most populus Spanish provinces and forms a coastal city that offers many possibilities when it comes to finding a home. Its airport which sees some of the highest passenger traffic in Spain, and its important port, which connects the city via the Mediterranean Sea, make Alicante a perfect city to establish your residence, with easy access from all parts of the peninsula and islands. In our Jávea real estate agency or in any other Alicante town we will help you make the process of buying your home much easier.

At Starck-Estates Costa Blanca Alicante Real Estate you will find your ideal home, whatever your interests. The houses in Jávea that you will find at Starck-Estates will make their mark on you, since we offer options to suit everyone and in various locations to ensure that we offer you exactly what you need.

Living in Alicante

Living in Alicante can be a great opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the area and thanks to our Real Estate Agency in Costa Blanca, you will find the perfect home suited to enjoying this Mediterranean paradise to the max. Alicante is well known for being a tourist haven in ideal for a fabulous holiday, but living in Alicante is also a great way to try a more relaxed and coastal lifestyle without having to travel far.

Alicante offers everything you need and more, the area has incredible beaches for the hottest days, dreamy natural landscapes, big cities full of life, parks and green spaces and much more.

The Alicante climate is excellent, it is one of the main reasons why many travelers spend their holidays in this area. The average temperature is over 17ºC, almost every day is a sunny day and the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea makes the winter months especially mild and less harsh. For this reason, the climate is one of the main strengths and attracts many people to move permanently to this area.

The beaches are also one of the main reasons to move to Alicante. At first glance it may not seem that compelling but having a wide range of dreamy beaches at your disposal, and spending so many unforgettable summer days can improve one’s overall well being. In a place like the beaches of the Costa Blanca it seems that nothing bad could ever happen, and that happiness is the philosophy of life.

The atmosphere enjoyed by the many towns of Alicante province is also a major factor. Being a place specially dedicated to tourism and receiving visitors from different places, the offer of venues and entertainment activities is endless. You will always find something to do. In Alicante there is no shortage of restaurants, shopping malls and other entertainment venues such as cinemas and theaters, in a town with a great atmosphere. Its streets are full of people and life at almost any time of the day, especially during the high season, when cultural activities such as festivals, concerts and performances feature prominently on the city’s agenda.

Where to live in Alicante

If you are wondering where to live in Alicante, you should know that the housing options offered by this Valencian province are many and varied. The towns and municipalities in the area all have their own charm, with characteristics that differentiate them from each other and make each one a special place. Do not hesitate to ask for information in our Real Estate Agency Alicante and let us advise you of where find the perfect house or apartment for you.


As we have already mentioned, Jávea is an ideal place to buy a home. If you are looking to establish your home on the Costa Blanca, this town offers a superb climate and incredible landscapes, in which the azure waters of the Mediterranean predominate. It is not surprising that many retirees and foreigners decide to go to Jávea to spend the rest of their lives in a place where the environment allows for total happiness.

Jávea has 25 kilometers of coastline comprising of wonderful, long, fine sandy beaches, and full of entertainment and dining venues where you can spend the warmest days of the year. It also has several pristine coves for those who prefer quieter more tranquil places. In addition, the seas around Jávea are an ideal place for lovers of water sports and it has a marine reserve where you can enjoy a protected natural environment.


At Starck-Estates Real estate agency Denia we want you to find your future residence in a place that suits you and your needs. This port city located on the northern coast of the Valencian Community is an excellent place to establish your home. This small city is full of life and visitors year round and offers endless accommodation options.

One of the main characteristics of this area is its climate, although mild and warm as in the rest of the province, in this city the winds usually conveys from the east or west, which favors the practice of water sports such as surfing, sailing or windsurfing. If you are a sports lover, this city is for you. At Starck-Estates we will find the bests properties for sale in Denia for you and we will help and advise you during the process.


If you are looking for a place with an atmosphere, we should inform you that Benidorm is a great city renowned for its nightlife, so in our Benidorm Real Estate agency you will find the house you are looking for. Benidorm is a town that, in addition to having many kilometers of beautiful white sand beaches like the rest of the Costa Blanca, is always full of life and attracts people from all over the world. Benidorm is the perfect combination of the best of city and beach life and the Alicante coast. The Benidorm skyline is celebrated and well photographed, the spectacular nature of its skyscrapers is sometimes reminiscent of a version of the famous skyscrapers of other major cities in the world.

On the other hand, the cultural offering is extensive. Benidorm has many fiestas and a large number of concerts, shows and festivals are held for all tastes. If you want to experience this incredible lifestyle typical of the area, do not hesitate to look for your home in Benidorm at Starck-Estates, the Jávea real estate agency where we offer countless houses in Alicante and the surroundings.

Houses on the coast

One of the best characteristics of this area is that it has countless houses on the coast thus benefitting from views of the sea, which is a major draw for many people. At Starck-Estates we believe that there is nothing better than getting up in the morning with a view through the window of the sun beaming down onto the Mediterranean Sea, or enjoying an outdoor dinner while having the sound of the waves in the background. There are many people who have life-long dreams of owning a house by the sea in which to enjoy life in a dream location. For such people, Starck-Estates Real Estate Agency Jávea offers the possibility of buying or renting the best Houses on the Costa Blanca, with views of the sea and the beautiful local landscapes.

Starck-Estates Real Estate Agency

At Jávea Real Estates Agency Starck-Estates we are ready to help you fulfill your dream of living in such a magical place as the Costa Blanca. We give you the best service and the best options to find your ideal home. At the Starck-Estates Real Estate agency website we offer you the possibility of finding all types of properties around the entire province, with the peace of mind of being surrounded by a team of professionals who have years of experience and who will ensure that your dreams become reality.