The best summer plans in Denia

Die besten Sommerpläne in Denia

Denia, a port city on the Mediterranean Sea, and part of the province of Alicante

If you are planning your holiday in Denia, you have already hit the bull´s eye. The truth is that Denia, a port city on the Mediterranean Sea, and part of the province of Alicante, is one of the most popular destinations in Spain. As expected, there are many things to see and do in Denia! But to put it all much easier, in today’s post we will tell you some of the best summer plans in Denia.

Castle of Denia

The Castle of Denia is undoubtedly our number one in terms of plans and things to see in Denia. It is simply unavoidable. The famous monument will take us on a journey into the past in which we can learn a lot about its culture and history.

The Castle is presiding over the city, at the top. Visiting it is a must, since you can also admire its walls that still remain, the famous towers, and of course, impressive views of the city of Denia. Even if it were only for those views, we assure you that it’s worth going. Oh! But if you are passionate about archeology and history, do not worry, there you will also find a small archaeological museum.

Les Marines Beach

There is no summer without a beach, or so they say, right? The truth is that the beaches of Denia are also spectacular, so among the best plans in Denia, this could not miss.

The Beach of Les Marines is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches, and is located north of the city of Denia. It has about 2,570 meters in length, and a width of about 80 meters on average.

The beach of Les Marines can boast of a privileged location, a very good size (which leaves space enough for everyone although just that day there would be quite an influx of people), and restaurants and bars nearby for when the gluttony enters. As if that were not enough, from it you can see the castle of Denia. The beach is a highlight you can not miss among your summer plans in Denia.

Walk through the historic center and tapas

This is undoubtedly a great summer plan, and you can also combine it with your visit to the Castle of Denia, another must see as we have already mentioned.

Walking through the beautiful old town of Denia, which has more than special charm, will not take you long, since it is not too big. You can start by visiting the castle, and then visit emblematic places such as the Plaza de la Constitución, the town hall building, and finish on the famous Loreto street. There you can enjoy some of the best delicacies of Denia in the form of a tapa.

Oh! Also, do not forget to visit the two churches of the old town: the Convent of Las Agustinas in the same Loreto Street, and the Asunción in the Plaza de la Constitución.

Do you want to settle in Denia?

No wonder, Denia is a paradise full of plans, and those that we have brought you today are just some of the hundreds that await you. Step by step, we are sure that Denia is going to win your heart and will captivate you.

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