Traditional festivities of Costa Blanca

Traditionelle Feste der Costa Blanca

Discover the traditional festivities on the Costa Blanca, enjoy with your friends and family

The Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca, is what is most commonly called the entire Mediterranean coast bordering the province of Alicante. From Denia to Pilar de Horadada. 244 km of wonderful beaches and coves, that will make any vacationer feel in paradise.

But away from the sun and beach, the Costa Blanca has several municipalities such as Denia, Jávea, Calpe, Elche, Benidorm … among others, which during the summer season are filled with life thanks to its traditional festivals that await so many inhabitants during the year.

Fiestas of the Costa Blanca.

The fiestas of a region are one of the characteristics that gives that unique personality to a country, city or town. That is why in many places they are eagerly awaited year after year by its inhabitants.

Thanks to the amount of communities that form the Costa Blanca, it is an area full of unique, incredible and traditional festivities to see.

Fallas in Dénia.

Although the Fallas in Valencia are the best known nationally and internationally, the municipality of Dénia also has their own and should not envy anything to Valencia, because they really are spectacular.

Each year a total of eleven Fallas commissions place their incredible Fallas in Dénia. As always gunpowder is the star of this party. Music, food, fireworks show and of course, the precious ninots.

In Dénia the Fallas are not burned at the same time, but they are burned progressively, so that visitors can see more than one “cremà” during this Fiesta.

San Juan bonfires

One of the traditions with more followers, are the bonfires of San Juan. The inhabitants of Dénia gather near the seashore and begin to prepare their bonfires together with their friends and family.

The food, music and bonfires fill the beaches of Costa Blanca, giving way to a magical and incredible night.

As it is traditional also in other locations that border on the Mediterranean, just when the clock marks midnight, all those present approach the water to carry out their various rituals to attract good luck and ask for their wishes.

The Mystery of Elche

Every 14th and 15th of August, inside the Basilica of Santa María, in the city of Elche, the Dormition, Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin Mary are recreated. A religious sacral-lyric drama.

This performance is characterized by being represented only by men, since it continues to respect the norm of medieval origin in which women were not allowed. It is also the only play in the world that is allowed to be performed inside a church thanks to Pope Urban VII.

The performance received on May 18, 2001 the recognition of Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

As you have seen, it is a performance worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Living in Costa Blanca

These are only 3 of all the Fiestas you can enjoy on the Costa Blanca.

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