Typical dishes of the Costa Blanca

Typische Gerichte der Costa Blanca

Leave your palate captivated with the typical delicacies of the Costa Blanca.

Gastronomy is an art and treasure that is spread all over the world, each region and each country has its own delicacies that make them special and unique, as well as being very well cared for by its inhabitants.

In Spain, each region has its own unique dishes, whether they are desserts or food, they differ in their flavor, tradition of elaboration or the products used for their preparation.

The Mediterranean coast is characterized by its dishes of abundant vegetables and top quality fish, and this is where the typical dishes of the Costa Blanca come in.

The Costa Blanca extends from the municipality of Denia in the north, to the municipality of Pilar de la Horadada to the south, a gastronomic route of more than 218 kilometers that you should know.

Read on to know the main typical dishes of Costa Blanca.

Crusted rice

The rice with crust is a typical dish of the Elche area. Apart from containing top quality products such as vegetables, fish or meat, the main characteristic of this dish is the beaten egg that is thrown over it, getting a layer to be made in the oven, imitating a scab. Hence its name.


La Pericana is a dish of great tradition. For some time it was prepared in the same way that it is still being prepared today, although perhaps the tasting method has varied a bit.

La Pericana is composed of dried peppers, garlic, olive oil and chaplains or cod, whatever you like best. It is usually eaten accompanied by a slice of bread with aioli or as a side dish.

Tuna Mojama

Mojama is a very typical dish among the tapas of Alicante and very recognized nationally. The preparation of the Mojama, consists of salting the slices of bluefin tuna, washing them later and finally letting them dry. Once prepared they are usually eaten in thin slices accompanied by bread and olive oil.

Arroz a Banda

One of the most famous and well-known rice dishes. Arroz a Banda is very common in the coastal towns of Alicante. Its preparation varies according to the tastes of the guests: baked, broth, mixed, with vegetables, fish or meat.

When we put fish in Arroz a Banda, squid, crayfish or prawns are usually present. In addition, the dish is usually accompanied with aioli sauce.

Sweet potato pie

Pastel de Boniato is shaped like a pie with a beautiful sweet potato dough inside. A typical dessert of the Christmas season much loved by the smallest of the house for its sweetness. The cake has cinnamon that together with the sweet potato creates an explosion of flavors for the palate.

On the internet you can easily find the method of preparing this dessert.

Jijona nougat

Who does not know this nougat today? Thanks to its incredible television campaign, Turrón de Jijona has been part of Spanish homes for Christmas for years.

This nougat uses almond ground with honey to give it that unique flavor it has. This mixture is what gives that characteristic pasty and sweet texture.


Surely we have made your mouth water with these authentic delights, and it is not surprising, as the Costa Blanca is full of delicious and unique cuisine.

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