Why selling with a real estate agency is the best for you

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Warum mit einem Immobilienmakler verkaufen

Don’t worry and trust the experts. Starck-Estates your best real estate option in Alicante

If you are thinking about selling your home now, we can tell you that this is the best time to do so. Currently you can easily make the biggest profit of your property without any problem.

You may be interested in selling your property to buy a larger one, recover an investment or have other different reasons, but the truth is that the easiest and most comfortable way for you is to be guided by a specialized real estate agency.

Advantages of trusting in a real estate agency

1) Hard work

The real estate agency assumes a commitment with you and your home. They will dedicate their efforts and work hard to get the best buyer for your property and get the largest benefit, as real estate agencies have better resources to make your house stand out.

2) Time is money

We know that in the days in which we live, time is money, so, why waste it, spend time and headaches in making an appointment to show the house and then people not turning up or try to square hundreds of visits between your working hours losing time off and weekends to try to sell it?

With a real estate agency, you do not have to worry about it. They are responsible for scheduling the viewings, as they have a wide schedule for the public that does not waste a minute on a possible sale. Thus, you can sit back and enjoy your day off!

3) Get the most out of your property

Once the real estate agency has seen your property, it may be that they are recommending a small investment in your property, so as to improve the selling price and the results, for example, painting some rooms to increase size, removing some personal items before the viewings, or tricks to make your living room look much brighter.

4) Do not despair

Surely if you are reading this it is possible that it is because you have been trying to sell your house for a long time and you only get very low offers or you have even reached the point where you do not receive offers or calls and that can lead you to despair.

With an estate agent that will not happen, they know the market and its possibilities perfectly, they will advise you on the real price of your property and how far it could be adjusted so that you always win.

In addition real estate agencies have a large database of potential customers who would be interested in buying a home like yours, through different filters, that locate the buyer who has possibilities to buy. In this way, they would find the ideal customer in a quicker and easier way.

5)  Procedures

The ignorance of these bureaucratic procedures by a private party, can become a reason for losing a sale at the last moment and simply for a badly written error.

The real estate agencies are perfectly aware of these procedures and know how to draft a purchase-sale agreement without errors that can be regretted later.


As you have seen throughout this article there are a large number of advantages that will allow you to sell your home more quickly and safely.

At Starck-Estates we are an expert real estate agency in the purchase and sale of exclusive properties, with a wide variety of properties in Denia, Costa Blanca and Javea, among other well-known locations in Alicante, making sure to always offer our clients the best offers on the market.

At Starck-Estates we also have a large variety of customers of German, English, French and Spanish origin within our database who trust us and which allows us to guarantee a high level of experience on the European market.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your next purchase or sale of your home in Alicante.